• Sequantrix identifies and validates novel, antifibrotic targets by leveraging one of the world’s largest human single-cell, multi- modal datasets in the field of fibrotic diseases and aims to develop drug candidates up to clinical proof of concept.
  • Sequantrix, helmed by leading experts and pioneers in fibrosis research, clinical care and computational science, has four validated targets and will swiftly move to drug development.

Paris, France and Aachen, Germany – June 20th, 2023 – Sequantrix GmbH, a biotech start-up on a mission to unlock novel antifibrotic therapies, announced today the launch of its operations. The Company has been co-founded by a team of leaders in the field of fibrosis originating from the Uniklink RWTH Aachen, led by Dr. Rafael Kramann and Dr. Rebekka Schneider, Dr. Michael Rheinnecker as founding CEO and Home Biosciences as institutional founder. Sequantrix is Home Biosciences‘ second venture.

Sequantrix harnesses the latest advancements in computational and organoid technologies and research to decode fibrosis and unlock a new wave of novel therapies with an initial focus on kidney and bone marrow. As such, the venture leverages a fully integrated multi-modal platform based on a combination of single cell technologies, one of the world’s largest human multi-modal, single-cell datasets in the field of fibrosis, fibrosis-specific computational tools for unbiased data-driven target prioritization as well as advanced human-based disease models to support drug candidate development.

Sequantrix has four novel validated therapeutic targets and will be starting drug development activities in the coming months.

“It is our goal to improve patient outcomes throughout the continuum of care in patients with kidney fibrosis, the hallmark of chronic kidney disease progression” noted Rafael Kramann. “Our single cell mapping of human organs in homeostasis and fibrosis serves as a rational approach with the aim to unravel mechanisms that drive fibrosis and functional decline. We are confident that Sequantrix can impact novel fibrotic disease drug discovery and development for the benefit of patients,particularly also for those suffering from bone marrow fibrosis” adds Rebekka Schneider.

David Schilansky, Chairman of Sequantrix and co-founder & CEO of Home Biosciences said: “Home Biosciences is the first company focused on biotech venture building in France, Germany and Israel, and is at the very vanguard of the shift to techbio for drug discovery and development. We aim to contribute to this paradigm shift by leveraging a highly efficient asset-centric operating model, that will ultimately lead to faster and more efficient pathways to clinical success in biotech.” Dr. Magali Richard, co-founder & deputy-CEO of Home Biosciences added: “Sequantrix is a perfect example of what we are striving for, as it gathers rare and leading medical, scientific, computational and translational expertise, in order to deliver an unbiased, data-driven selection process of discovering new antifibrotic targets while de-risking future drug candidates, thanks to higher clinical predictability.”

Dr. Michael Rheinnecker, CEO of Sequantrix and biotech entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in research, venture capital and management, said: “I am thrilled to join such a strong group of fibrosis researchers and look forward to working with the Sequantrix and Home Biosciences teams to advance our exciting targets and drug discovery programs.”

About Fibrosis

Fibrosis is a debilitating condition that results in the formation of excess fibrous tissue in organs and tissues, leading to progressive damage and reduced function. Tissue fibrosis occurs in virtually every organ after chronic repetitive injury and destroys the architecture of the tissue leading to organ failure. Fibrosis represents a large and growing healthcare burden and current treatments for fibrosis are limited and often ineffective. Fibrotic disorders contribute to nearly 45% of mortalities in developed countries.

About Sequantrix

Sequantrix was created by leading pioneers in fibrosis research, clinical care and computational science to address the large, unmet medical need for antifibrotic therapies. Sequantrix leverages one of the world’s largest human multi-modal, single-cell datasets in the field of fibrotic diseases to discover and validate novel targets and develop anti-fibrotic drug candidates up to the clinical proof of concept.

About Rafael Kramann

Prof. Rafael Kramann is a nephrologist dedicated to developing novel targeted therapies for fibrotic diseases. Rafael is Professor of Medicine and Associate Senior Attending Renal Physician at the Department of Nephrology and Clinical Immunology and Chairman and Founding Director of the Institute of Experimental Medicine and Systems Biology, both at the University Hospital RWTH Aachen, Germany,. He is an international opinion leader and inventor in the field of fibrosis and awardee of 2 ERC grants and multiple awards and prizes.

About Rebekka Schneider

Prof. Rebekka Schneider is a hematopathologist with strong background in clinical hematopathology and basic research. Rebekka is Full Professor (W3) and Director of the Institute for Cell and Tumor Biology at the University Hospital RWTH Aachen, Germany. She is an international opinion leader and inventor in the field of myelofibrosis and awardee of 2 ERC grants and multiple awards and prizes. Collectively, the Kramann and Schneider labs have published over 250 related works and are at the forefront of fibrosis research, unraveling new disease mechanisms.

About Home Biosciences

Home Biosciences is Europe’s first biotech company focused on venture building in biotech. Home Biosciences is the partner of choice for academics and scientists to transform their innovation into life changing therapies for patients. Every step of the way, Home Biosciences works with leading scientific teams to create, build and grow sustainable businesses, by assembling the right expertise and structure. With each of its projects housed in dedicated ventures and fully financed by Home Biosciences, its operating model allows full focus of its teams on scientific and operational excellence and rapid execution to significantly expedite and de-risk their discovery and development paths. For more information, visit: www.homebiosciences.com


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